Welcome to Flipped EM, the new home and latest evolution of the Better in Emergency Medicine Blog.  When I started the Better Blog in 2011, I aimed to discuss medical education and patient safety topics.  Since then, my interest in teaching has grown, and I became a student again, working on a Masters Degree in Medical Education.  Being exposed to the latest in educational theory and witnessing the rapid growth of “Free Open Access Medical Education.” (#FOAMed) led me to reflect on how to improve the delivery of education to emergency medicine learners.  I’ve been fortunate to teach in a residency program that utilizes a novel delivery format for didactic education.  Instead of relying on lectures, we have our learners read, a LOT, 50-100 pages a week of medical literature. We then meet as a group to debate the articles, apply the concepts, and generally, have a great time.  Somewhere along the line, I found a few videos by Jonathan Bergmann and Aaron Sams, the teachers credited with popularizing Flipped Learning.  Their model seemed so intuitive, I wondered why weren’t more medical educators using it?  Hence, the concept of flippedEM ruminated in my brain for a while.  Then it hit me, my program was just a “low tech” flip.  Then Khan Academy went viral.  I was blown away by the simplicity and effectiveness.  I knew that this was a model that could take what we’ve built and disseminate it for the greater good of emergency medicine education.

My goal now is to “Flip” how residents and medical students learn emergency medicine!  I want to give you, the learners, the “passive” components of education, i.e. lecture, via recordings to view at their own pace (i.e. asynchronous learning), and then have you utilize “class” or together time to deepen understanding through small group discussions, peer to peer teaching, and projects.  My hope is to create an online learning community, driven by the philosophy of FOAM.

Please, step inside my digital classroom, take a seat, and enjoy the process!