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Making Clinical Teaching a “SNAPP”

I’m always on the lookout for new tools to try to improve my clinical teaching. I’ve been a fan of the “one-minute preceptor” for a while. One tool I’ve been very interested in but only recently begun to use is called SNAPPS.  Like the one-minute preceptor, SNAPPS is another tool that was developed for the […]

Hack Your Education

Can you learn medicine in just 1 year?  Unlikely, but if it’s possible to cover the content of a MIT computer science degree in 1 year, then anything is possible.  In this talk from TEDx Eastside Prep, Scott Young, a self described “speed reading, vegetarian, holistic learning, productivity hacking, recent university graduate,” discusses his views […]

Advice to New Interns

It’s that time of year again.  The time of the year that you see the new interns scrambling through the department, eyes wide as saucers, running scared, and hungry for experience.  As an educator, it’s a refreshing time to be at work! With the start of the interns, many blogs have been providing advice to […]

May the best blog win!

If you read Michelle Lin’s Academic Life in Emergency Medicine or Scott Weingart’s EMCrit then you already know about the quality information that these two giants are providing to Emergency Medicine.  It’s no wonder that they’ve both been nominated for the 2010 MedGadget Weblog Awards.  Take a look and vote for your favorite! EMCrit is […]

For My Mentor: My Favorite Apps

If one wanted an example of a positive deviant, i.e. a person on the leading edge of the bell curve, in emergency medicine education, Michelle Lin, MD would top the list of potential candidates. I am very fortunate to look to her as a friend and virtual mentor as I develop as an academic clinician. […]