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A Practical Checklist?

It seems like checklists are the “in” thing in patient safety right now.  It makes sense; follow this list of things and you won’t hurt patients.  The problem is, they only work when you use them.   While doing some background research on checklists in prehospital settings, I found this gem in the open access […]

Safe Patients, Smart Hospitals

Peter Pronovost, MD, PhD is a name synonymous with patient safety.  He and his team have made patient safety a respectable area of expertise within the house of medicine.  He recently published a book, Safe Patients Smart Hospitals, which explains his quest to improve patient safety, first at Johns Hopkins, and now across the country. […]

Making M&M Better: The Healthcare Matrix

First, I think Michelle Lin must be psychic.  If you didn’t catch her post on morbidity and mortality conference yesterday, then read it!  In fact, read her blog daily.  It contains an amazing wealth of information of interest to anyone interested in faculty development and teaching. At the conclusion of her post, she gave a […]

Formula One and Patient Handoffs

Gentlemen, start your engines! Who can resist the high octane, high speed formula one races? Okay, maybe a lot of people could care less about these high stakes races but if you look closely at a successful race team, some patterns of excellence begin to appear that have crossover lessons applicable to medicine. This was […]

Clinical Oversight: Conceptualizing the Relationship Between Supervision and Safety

Have you ever stopped and wondered what good clinical supervision means? Supervision is one of those concepts in academics that we are expected to do with little, if any, guidance. Many factors within medicine have led to an increase in the expected levels of supervision recently. Work hours restrictions, Medicare rules, and a call to […]