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Teaching Residents Soft Skills

Professionalism.  Communication.  Empathy.  Skills needed for all physicians.  Unfortunately, with the hustle and bustle of everyday work and the “do more in less time” mentality that pervades our practice, relationship skills are often overlooked or frankly ignored.   If one was to look at the satisfaction with practice in emergency medicine, they would find a […]

Deviant Skill: Mindful Practice Part 2

– In the last post, we covered the types of knowledge relevant to clinical practice. Now, we’re going to delve into exactly what mindful practice entails. Mindfulness is an extension of reflection. Mindful practice involves being mentally aware of action, thoughts, sensations, images, and emotions. A quote from the cited article that explains the theory […]

Formula One and Patient Handoffs

Gentlemen, start your engines! Who can resist the high octane, high speed formula one races? Okay, maybe a lot of people could care less about these high stakes races but if you look closely at a successful race team, some patterns of excellence begin to appear that have crossover lessons applicable to medicine. This was […]

For My Mentor: My Favorite Apps

If one wanted an example of a positive deviant, i.e. a person on the leading edge of the bell curve, in emergency medicine education, Michelle Lin, MD would top the list of potential candidates. I am very fortunate to look to her as a friend and virtual mentor as I develop as an academic clinician. […]

Clinical Oversight: Conceptualizing the Relationship Between Supervision and Safety

Have you ever stopped and wondered what good clinical supervision means? Supervision is one of those concepts in academics that we are expected to do with little, if any, guidance. Many factors within medicine have led to an increase in the expected levels of supervision recently. Work hours restrictions, Medicare rules, and a call to […]

Finding a Niche

What is a niche and how do you find it? In academic emergency medicine, faculty often have areas of “interest.” The topics covered are as broad as the practice of emergency medicine. I have to admit that nailing my interest down to one of two topics has been near impossible until recently. I’ve always been […]


Have you ever wanted to be better? Better at your job? Better at sports? I think that we can all relate to the desire to be better. In emergency medicine, learning to be better is the name of the game. Better at diagnosis, better at management, better at flow. The list goes on. This desire […]